2216 "O" Street   Lincoln, NE  68510  (402) 477-4181
For over 50 years, Dean's Radiator has been
Lincoln's best place to take a radiator for repair.  Over
45 other radiator shops have come and gone in that
time in Lincoln, but one shop keeps right on going.  
Maybe we are the Energizer Bunny of Radiator
We just keep on going, and going!

If you have overheating problems or a leak in your
cooling system, Dean's Radiator has a solution for
your problem.  We have proudly served New Car
Dealership service departments, independent repair
garages, body shops, and individuals with quality
parts and service for years.  If you are a repeat
customer or just finding out about us for the first time,
Dean's Radiator and Drive Shaft will be here to take
care of all your radiator problems.
This radiator was removed from the
car and serviced right here at Dean's
Radiator.  In addition to needing the
outside of the radiator cleaned so
there would be unrestricted airflow, the
radiator was disassembled and the
inside cleaned out to increase coolant
flow capacity.  This process solved
this 1997 Ford Escort's cooling
problems for another 10 years.
Here is another radiator problem
solved by Dean's Radiator.  The
radiator on the bottom was sold from a
"salvage yard" as a direct replacement.
 Yes, it did bolt up in the car, but it did
not have the correct cooling capacity.
(Notice the difference in tube count)
The radiator on the top is Dean's
correct replacement.  Now the
overheating problems in the Mustang
were solved for good.