2216 "O" Street   Lincoln, NE  68510  (402) 477-4181
1968 Corvette 427-435 hp 4 speed
Complete restoration reusing the original GM-Harrison
end tanks and replacing the center core with NOS A/C
Delco (GM) Radiator Core.
Here is some of the "MUD" on the inside
of an original Corvette radiator.  This is
what years of rust, antifreeze turned
bad, and additives look like inside your
radiator.  This customer swore that there
was no way that his radiator was dirty
inside.  He just thought is needed
"flushed out".  
This is the inside of the radiator core.  He
had flushed the cooling system regularly
every year and the car only had 45,000
miles.  His reason for coming to Dean's
was that the car would not idle for more
than 3-4 minutes without overheating.  
Here is what the inside of his radiator
looked like.  This radiator only has about
25-35% of its original flow capacity.
Here is one tank after we have
sandblasted it.  Next we will go over it
from top to bottom and remove all of the
dents.  We want this to look as good as
the day it was made back in 1968.
Here is a close up of the new Radiator
Core before soldering the end tanks back
on.  You can see the tubes that carry the
coolant in this picture are ready to carry
maximum coolant to keep this big block
Corvette nice and cool all summer long.