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Dean's Radiator and Drive Shaft has been the
leader in Lincoln for complete drive shaft service
since 1971.  No matter what driveline part you have
just broken, we have a new one in stock, ready to
get you going again.  4 X 4 Trucks and SUV's,
Heavy Duty Trucks from dump trucks all the way up
to Class 8 Semi Trucks, Front Wheel Drive, PTO
Boxes and Shafts, AG Tractors and Mowers, we
have it all.  Most of the time we can rebuild your
original drive shaft to O.E. specs for much less than
a complete new drive shaft.  Complete dynamic
drive line balancing is available to take the shakes
out of your vehicle.  At Dean's Radiator and Drive
Shaft, you can always count on same day service
on all driveline repairs.  
Dean's Radiator and Drive
Shaft has
new drive shaft repair parts in
stock ready to go!
Always same day service.
We know downtime is money.
You can't be without you truck
for a week, waiting on parts.
Dean's can fix your broken 4 X 4 front CV
shaft with a brand new Spicer CV Head.  
We just cut off your old one and weld a
new one on.  Why throw away the rest of
the shaft if this is the only problem?
If the whole head does not need replaced,
Dean's can repair individual components as
needed.  Shown here all the parts
necessary to rebuild this CV Head.
We Use Quality Spicer Drive Line Parts
Maybe your roughneck employee broke
your pinion yoke when he dumped the
clutch!  Never a problem at Dean's, --
100's of new yokes in stock
Maybe the splines are wore out on the front
or rear drive shaft of your 4 X 4 truck.  You
do not need a whole new shaft, Dean's can
cut off the old parts and replace them with a
brand new Spicer Slip stub and Slip yoke.
Dean's Knows PTO's.  If you need to
smash some garbage, pump some gas,
off load some silage, slide a wrecker
bed, Dean's has what you need.
If you broke your transmission or rear
end yoke, Dean's Radiator and Drive
Shaft has what you need, in stock and
ready to get you back on the road.
Even if you twisted your drive shaft like a pretzel!  

By the way - this was 4 inch diameter, .120 wall heavy duty tubing.
This one is out of a 2003 Peterbilt 379 Extended Hood - 525 hp CAT

Dean's Radiator and Drive Shaft can get you back on the road!

All new Heavy Duty Spicer Drive Shaft parts to fix this twisted drive shaft  
were in stock, and the Peterbilt was back on the road the same day.