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FAQ's -- Frequently Asked Questions
Q. -- I am having problems with my radiator but I do     
not know how to take it off my car by myself.

A. -- No problem, Dean's Radiator has a complete
service center built around taking care of customers
cars in our shop.  Just call for an appointment, and we
can take care of everything in out shop.

Q. -- I see all these ads on the internet for the cheapest
radiators in the country.  What is that all about?  

A. -- Anyone can quote a super cheap price over the
phone or internet.  It is easy to sell for a low price if you
make a cheap product.  At Dean's Radiator, we have
been in downtown Lincoln for over 50 years!  We
don't sell the "Cheap" overseas built radiators that the
internet companies sell.  How long will these "fly by
night" radiator companies be around when you have a
problem?  Most change their names every year so that
they do not have to honor their "lifetime warranty".  
Apparently the lifetime that they refer to the life of their
internet site, not the life of the radiator.  You can count
on Dean's to be here to take care of you down the road.
Here is a picture of our yearly run to the scrap yard.  You are looking at over 1800
radiators in this picture that are junk, beyond repair and headed for the scrap yard.  
Many of these radiators were sold by the local parts houses with a "limited lifetime
warranty".  What that term means has nothing to do with a "lifetime".  The warranty
gives you ONE replacement radiator, and that is it.  You must have your receipt, you
must show proof of yearly antifreeze changes and engine flush outs, and then it has
to pass an inspection that determines if the radiator was "abused".  Over 60% of the
radiators in this load headed for the scrap yard were from people who had
purchased a radiator at a parts house or "lowest possible price" internet site.   
Dean's Radiator does not handle the "lowest possible price", (meaning low quality),
we only sell "HIGHEST QUALITY"  at a fair price that will last you for years and
years down the road.