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For the Customer that needs that extra super
cooling ability, Dean's Radiator offers High
Performance Radiators.  Available in both Aluminum
and Copper/Brass configurations, we have the
ability to solve your hot rod, antique and race car
cooling needs.  Contact us today to see how Dean's
can help you cool down!
High Performance all aluminum radiator for a 1957 Chevy
with a 400 small block V-8, putting out 500 horsepower.
This custom job was for the customer who was building a custom resto-mod
Chevelle SS, and needed a special high performance radiator.  This radiator has
all the appearances of a standard GM built Chevrolet Radiator.  But if you look
close you can count 5 ROWS of coolant tubes instead of the original 3 rows or the
 maximum of 4 rows in an original GM Radiator.  This radiator also has a higher
cooling fin count than normal.  Each thin copper fin between the tubes is what
helps to dissipate heat.  By adding more of them per inch, there is more heat
transfer out of the radiator, and this is exactly what we want in a high performance
application.  To this custom built core, we reattached the customers original GM -
Harrison end tanks.  The finished product is perfectly matched to the rest of his
1969 Chevelle SS 396.  With an engine putting out over 500 horses, while still
appearing totally stock, this custom radiator fit right in.  
Can you say "Sleeper"?