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NO -- That is not what we meant!

Here are some dirty pictures of what the inside
of your radiator looks like.  Dean's can remove
all that mud and crud and get your radiator
performing like brand new again.  We
disassemble your radiator, clean the inside of
each and every coolant tube, repair any leaks or
broken areas, and reassemble the whole thing.  
After final assembly, the entire radiator is put
into a test tank to assure you that 100% of the
leaks are repaired.  Count on Dean's Radiator to
solve all your Radiator Problems.  (and we won't
even make you take the mud with you)!
This is the inside of a 6 year old Chevrolet K2500 4 X 4 Truck.  
The current owner had purchased the truck used and therefore did not
know how the truck had been maintained.  Apparently not very much
time or money was spent on cooling system maintenance, as in just 6
years, this much corrosion had accumulated inside the cooling system.  
As you can see, we removed the end tank, then we sandblasted all the
rust and corrosion from the core.  This was followed by rodding out
each tube.  Then the whole radiator was re-soldered back together
and pressure checked for leaks.  After a Dean's Radiator repair, this
radiator will give the customer many more years of service.
This is the radiator cap and filler neck from a 98 Chevy Blazer.  This is
about as dirty as it gets!  The top of this radiator is COMPLETELY
PLUGGED SOLID!  This radiator was too far gone for any repairs, as
over 60% of the coolant tubes were filled with this mud and corrosion.  
Dean's Radiator had the solution -- a brand new complete Aluminum
radiator in stock and the customer back on their way the same day.
Here is a 2002 Chevy K1500 4 X 4 Truck.
Complaint -- Overheating at both highway speed and at around town
low speed driving.  A constant barrage of bugs, dirt, weeds, road grime
and assorted other nastiness contributed to the front of this radiator
being completely covered.  This is the same as driving around with a
piece of cardboard completely covering the grill of your vehicle.  
Problem solved by removing the radiator from the truck, and a
thorough outside and inside radiator cleaning had this Chevy back on
the road the same day -- thanks to Dean's Radiator and Drive Shaft.
Not even seven pounds of solder applied by a home mechanic could fix
this radiator!
Dean's Radiator has the solution to this problem, a Brand New
complete radiator had this customer back on the road in no time.